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We Proudly Offer

Gaited Horseback Riding Lessons

As the only barn in the area to offer Gaited Horseback Lessons
we encourage you relax and enjoy the glide ride found among our lesson horses
and discover a new and exciting world of
gaited horseback riding.

 For more information or to schedule riding lessons please fill our our
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General Information

We are a very small, tranquil, low key stable with a focus on fun and learning for children age 8 or older as well as adults. As the only teaching barn in the area to offer gaited horseback riding lessons, flexibility and special attention are our focal points. All lessons are private in order to properly encourage confidence, knowledge and growth of riding skills at a pace individually set for the maximum comfort and enjoyment of the rider. Riding lessons can be structured for those who are completely new to horseback riding or for the experienced rider. All of our lesson horses are gentle, forgiving, and extremely experienced. We have small paddocks where initial riding lessons are taught. Once the rider is confident we can move out to the trails to explore the beauty of the South Georgia woods. We have horses to suit all levels of confidence and experience and simply wish to share a passion for riding Gaited Horses.

About Gaited Horses

In an area where non-gaited quarter horses are the primary horse you will find, we are proud to introduce the elegance and comfortable ride of the gaited horse. We have Tennessee Walking Horses for beginner riders and also offer Paso Finos for the more experienced rider wishing to experience this rare breed. A gait is the pattern of movement the horse is in at a given speed. Non-gaited horses generally have a total of three gaits - walk, trot (two beat gait), and canter (three beat gait). Gaited horses are breeds that are able to perform an unbroken four-beat gait at various speeds and may also canter if asked. Because the gait is four-beat the horse always has three hooves on the ground during movement therefore providing the smooth, comfortable ride that trail riders seek at all speeds. In lessons we will teach how to properly ride and collect a gaited horse to experience this amazing ride to the fullest extent.

The Benefits of Horseback Riding 

Horseback riding is a recreational and therapeutic activity enjoyed by individuals of all ages and abilities. As a sport, it provides the rider with the opportunity to master the skills necessary to confidently control and steer the horse through various patterns and obstacles. Horseback riding is also a means to access and explore the immeasurable beauty of the great outdoors. Horseback riding has physical, socio-emotional, and educational benefits. Physical benefits include improved balance, muscle strength, and coordination, increased range of motion of joints, improved respiration and circulation in addition to improved eye-hand coordination. Socio-emotional benefits include building self-esteem and confidence while developing feelings of self-reliance, control and accomplishments, development of patience, as well as development of respect and care for animals. Educational benefits include increasing the ability to listen and follow directions, improving memory utilization, and developing sequencing abilities


We will provide only the highest quality bridles, reins, and saddles made exclusively for gaited breeds. Most lessons will be taught using Australian Saddles which have thigh guards to promote balance and maintain placement. We ask that all riders wear a helmet as well as riding boots (English or Western) that have a heel. Any style of pants is acceptable ranging from non-tight jeans to yoga style work out pants. Comfort is key and remember the rider may get a little dirty since we will be outdoors.


Beginner Level Classes:  In the beginner lessons the rider will be introduced to all aspects of horsemanship to include learning about the care and grooming aspects, animal respect, tack and equipment, and the proper way to sit in the saddle, hold the reins, and steer the horse. We will begin in the fenced paddock and learn to rein the horse though various patterns. Lessons will be designed to promote interest and enjoyment in riding at the age appropriate level of the rider.

1.5 hour Lesson $35.00

2.5 hour Lesson $50.00

Intermediate and Experienced Level Classes:   In the intermediate and experienced level classes the main focus is getting out on the trails. The different gaits of the horse will be taught and experienced as well as the proper way to collect the horse in order to keep the horse in the desired gait. The different gaits will be introduced as the rider builds confidence and experience.

1.5 hour Lesson $35.00

2.5 hour Lesson $50.00

Because each lesson is private we allow the rider to choose the pace and the number of lessons per week up to a maximum of three lessons per week. Lessons are usually given in the morning to mid-morning hours. If weather causes a class cancellation the lesson will be rescheduled. Payment for lessons are required at the conclusion of each lesson. Please note that although our horses are extremely well behaved and experienced horseback riding does come with assumed risks and injuries can occur.

Suddenly Sinbad (Possum)
Registered Tennessee Walking Horse and Spotted Saddle Horse Gelding

I'm Pushing for the Money (Chester)
Registered Tennessee Walking Horse and Spotted Saddle Horse
Beginner - Experienced

Ejecutivo de Mark El (Pedro)
Registered Paso Fino
Intermediate - Experienced

Pyrianos Amoroso (Ammo)
Registered Paso Fino
Intermediate - Experienced

Papa's Big Show ASAS (Vern)
Registered Tennessee Walking Horse
Intermediate - Experienced


Registered Tennessee Walking Horse
Intermediate - Experienced

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