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Puppy Reservation Deposit


Upon approval of your submitted puppy questionnaire for an unborn litter, we will accept early deposits of $100.00 prior to the litter being born to secure your place on the list until the litter is born. It has been our sad experience that people don't always understand that we have no control over what color puppies will be born, how many of each gender, and foresight of any potential problems, etc.  Take note: We have an active relationship with God and talk/pray to Him daily.  He has an ultimate plan for everything which does not always include what we plan for, anticipate, ask for, or intend.  We will meet your requests for SPECIFIC litter, gender and color preferences....God willing - and He usually does grant a very large portion of our waitlisted party's wishes as we only waitlist a certain number of people for each litter. In the event we can not provide a puppy of your preferred litter, color preference if color is an option, or your specified gender in the event your are specific, we will offer other upcoming litters or a different gender/color combination if available from your preferred litter or may opt to refund your deposit at our discretion which is dependent on the individual situation.  Should a puppy of your preferred gender and color not be born, the deposit is transferrable to the next equal quality upcoming litter that is expected to offer your preferred color/gender combination or we may opt to refund the deposit (at our discretion). We pride ourselves on being fair and eithical in all situations.

We are dedicated to producing premium quality puppies with elite lineages that guarantee smart, sensible and trainable puppies.  National champion sired litters from dams that are also national champion sired are our specialty but are very uncommon and hard to find since the National Champion title is a title only a very elite few dogs carry - it is the needle in the haystack of titles and equivalent to the Olympic Gold Medal in layman's terms.

We are an American Kennel Club (AKC) inspected kennel with the highest score provided of 100 precentile on all checkpoints, we are a certified AKC Breeder of Merit, highly involved and well known in the brittany field competition world and have held national office serving as 4th Vice President of the American Brittany Club from 2010-2012, currently serve as vice president of the Georgia Brittany Club chapter of the American Brittany Club.  We are also inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and exceed their standards on every level as well.  We strongly stand behind our ethics and and core values of producing the very best dogs we possibly can to enable us to continue to be competitive with this breed on a national level.



If you would like to place a deposit on an available puppy that has been born we will require a partial payment
of the total price of the puppy that will range from 1/4-1/2 of the total price of the puppy.
We will provide the deposit amount required to reserve your puppy at the time of your reservation request. 



We offer multiple payment options for placing a deposit for a puppy which include:

Apple Pay
Square Cash
Personal checks, Money Orders, and Cashier's Cheques

Please contact us for payment instructions for your preferred payment method when you are ready to make a deposit

If you have questions or concerns about making a deposit please contact us.  Please note that we have the best interest of our puppies and know them and their personalities better than anyone as we spend lots of time with every litter we have.  We do our very best to match puppies with families whom they are most suited.  We will recommend puppies to you that we feel will best suit your situation based on the information you provide in the questionnaire. We receive questionnaires from every type of home imaginable which range from quiet, single person homes looking for a high quality representative of the breed for companionship purposes to high-end commercial hunting preserves and competition homes.  Each puppy has a perfect family out there...and we aim to find it.  Please represent yourself 100% truthfully so we can offer the very best puppies to you.

Our utmost goal is a happy puppy and a happy owner. 

 We expect puppies to be picked up and/or shipped by the age of 8 weeks old.  Owners with puppies remaining in our possession past the age of 8 weeks old may be charged a daily boarding fee of $5.00/day and will also be responsible for vaccination fees during this time if applicable.  If your puppy will require extra care beyond the age of 8 weeks and/or vaccines please ask about pricing.  We are unable to send veterinary quality/certified vaccinations home with you. Please do not ask.



New owners looking to purchase a puppy from an upcoming litter or from a litter that currently has a puppy available must FIRST complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire can be found via links on each individual

litter page or under the contact section of our website.  Phone calls are not substitutes for questionnaires.


Upon receipt of the questionnaire, we will respond formally within a maxium time frame of 48 hours.  You may submit your quesitonnaire through the website or you may copy/paste the questions in a private email sent to You may text our cell phone number 912-389-6262 if you would like to confirm if your questionnaire has been received.  If requested, we can text you once our reply has been sent.   Please note that no contact from us generally means we have not received the questionnaire or received a text from you.  Feel free to call/text/email multiple times if needed in order to confirm receipt of your questionnaire or to check and see if we have sent a response - we don't have the best cell phone/internet coverage at the kennel and we certainly don't mind answering questions.


Should you be approved and wish to proceed forward with the reservation of a puppy we will require a deposit

$100 for unborn litters
$250 and/or up to a maximum of 1/2 of the total puppy price for puppies that have been born. 

We will accept deposits via Apple Pay, Square Cash, Venmo, Paypal, personal checks, money orders, or cashier's cheques. 
Please advise which deposit method you would like to use and we will provide instructions.


Upon receipt of your deposit you will officially be added to our reservation list. 
We will email you confirmation of receipt of your deposit once it is received and also let you know when you can expect our next official correspondence.


Our next point of contact after receipt of your deposit will be the preparation email which will contain all pertinent information relating to preparing to bring home a puppy from our kennel. 
The preparation email will include information on any additional payment requirements, AKC registration, microchipping, the scheduling of pick-ups or flights, food, toys, vaccines, housing, treats, training/discipline, health insurance and other topics.  We will send out the preparation email once puppies are a minimum or 3 weeks old or older.


We will continue to update you as the puppies grow and will release puppies when they are mature enough and the mother has weened them naturally.  Every litter matures differently and we will individually set the starting pickup date according to the maturity of each litter which will be accessed at the 3-5 week old mark.  The date range of when your puppy will be able to be picked up or flown will be included in the preparation email.  Most of our photo/video updates are made available on our facebook page for ease of viewing.  Please connect with us by searching Carter Brittany Kennels.  If you are not a facebook user and do not wish to set up a facebook account to enable you to view updates in this manner, we will email photos/videos to you.  

Any deposit amount paid will be applied to the total price of the puppy.

If you require airline shipping please note that airport shipping is $385 and includes a crate, booking, USDA veterinary certification, tranportation/dropoff/checking at airport and the cost of airfare. )


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