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We have placed puppies in Brittany enthusiast homes across the country and are proud to display puppies from our prior litters with their new families. 

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Mike's Smoking Gunn

Hey Jim and Drew - I was visiting your site last night and saw Pete's accomplishments. "Congratulations" I'm very impressed and proud to have a direct descendent of him. Her name is "Mike's Smoking Gunn" I have been spending a lot of training time with her since day one as I am retired, but she has come further in the last month than any time before. She is going to make a great gun dog and is already a great companion.  -Michael & Colleen (Florida) 


Sawyer is quite a character. Her favorite thing in the world to do is go to the park.  We go every single day, rain, snow or freezing temperatures.  Sawyer also loves to swim in the creek and chase squirrels.  I wonder what she is going to do when she is finally able to catch one!  There have been a few close calls.  Since she loves to swim, she loves to go to the lake and even go on boat rides.  I have to mention that she does EVERYTHING with her beagle sidekick Madison.  They are quite a pair and more than a little mischevious when they work together.  Sawyer is a HUGE part of our family and nothing would be the same without her - probably a lot cleaner but not the same! -Cece Brown (Alabama)


Out of NDGC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn and Gambler's Blazin Chick (Judi) from their 2009 litter.  She's now 7 months old and I've got her collar conditioned and backing naturally almost to a fault, and pointing solid. She love to retrieve frozen pigeons, pheasants and woodcock with without an issue. Force fetch & WOW training have begun and I was expecting a fight but she's been the easiest Britt I've had to work with, she can take correction and maintain her drive. She's been a pleasure to work with the past 3 months. Main reason I went with this breeding was 1/ Pete's showings  & I was looking for a Britt off of Autens Keystone Cop & Autens Ami which are grandparents to Gamblers Ace in the hole. I had a pup off these two and this dog was a machine and it looks like things have gotten nothing but better since judging by how Belle's working out. You can see the intensity in her face every time she goes out after a retrieving dummy or on point. So far..... I'm a happy camper, looking forward to hunt tests this spring!  -Til Sandre (Ontario,Canada)


Dear Drew and Jim - My congratulations to you on all the recent awards to Peter Gunn.Quite an accomplishment and I am sure you are overwhelmed with pride. I thought you might like an update on the male pup I purchased from you last May from your Pete/Rosie litter. Kelly, as we named him, is making progress towards becoming an outstanding companion birddog. He loves to hunt, has an excellent nose and can run like the wind. He retreives to hand and has an extremely soft mouth. He is an aggressive hunter but very gentle and loving around people and shows no agression towards other male dogs.

 In short, I could not be more pleased with him. In October I had him in SD and ND on pheasants and sharptails and in December he was with a trainer in Ohio working on quail. He will be going back to the trainer in March for more work. Unfortunately, due to our severe winter weather here in WV our grouse hunting has been curtailed, plus our grouse population is about as low as I can remember. I might also add he is a beautiful looking Brittany. -John Merrill (West Virginia)

Emme-Lou  out of the FC Brooks Little Pete (Opie) and Nancy Drew (Lucy) breeding has been an unbelievable addition to our family. Sandy and I have had three other Brits  prior to Emme-Lou. They all came from good blood lines and produced  four litters of what we thought were the most adorable puppies you’d ever seen.  Our goal with Emme-Lou has always been two fold, first… to add another member to our family and second… give something back to a breed that has given so much to us. Emme-Lou is without a doubt the most loving and intelligent Brittany we have ever owned. Though we don’t hunt our dogs (Sandy’s afraid of losing them) what a nose Emme has. We watched her home in on a  piece of chicken inside a cooler once and then watched her figure out how to get the cooler open. The only dog we’ve ever had to do that. She is also the most vocal Brittany we’ve ever owned and we’re not talking about barking. It’s as if she’s trying to talk to us.  She has a way of poking you with her nose if she thinks you’re not paying attention to her and can be rather persistent when she wants to be. She’s probably the most personable dog we’ve ever owned. We can’t thank you folks enough for giving us the opportunity to own such a amazing animal. We can’t figure out if she thinks she’s human or that we’re just weird looking Brittnays.
Ray and Sandy, Maine

Jim and Drew - Just wanted to write and give an update of Puddin (FC/AFC Brooks Little Pete x Lucy litter 2010). I took him to a two day training session in Tennessee this week and he did GREAT! The trainers were extremely impressed with his natural instincts, boldness and ability to take directions and commands. He has an incredible nose and quickly found every quail that was put out for him. We also got to work him on a couple of wild quail that we ran across and he was just as good on them. Very impressive or a 3 month old puppy. He is quite a little dog and growing fast.
Jim and Sharon Gray
North Carolina

I just wanted to send you guys a quick email and photo of the female puppy out of the NDGC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn breeding.  She is only about 6 months old now but she is holding point extremely well for her very young age and is a hunting machine.  She is already showing that she is intelligent and accepts training very well and is eagar to please.  She only gets better and better as our training progresses.  What a great dog and well worth the wait.
Eric Lowman
North Carolina


I just wanted to send you guys a quick email and photo of our "Happy" puppy out of the 2010 FC/AFC Brooks Little Pete (Opie) and Nancy Drew (Lucy) breeding.  Our "Happy" baby is doing great.  He is so smart, very good and loving with the kids and  not to mention gorgeous.  He has transitioned beautifully into our home.  We are so in love with him.
Sandy and Peter Stewart


Jim and Drew - we just wanted to write and let you know that Daisy (FC Brooks Little Pete (Opie) x Nancy Drew (Lucy) 2010 breeding) is home and doing great and the kids simply adore her..  Thank you so much for allowing us the oportunity to own one of these premium puppies.
Louise Deppe and Family


Hi Drew and Dr. Carter - Murphy (NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Greta 2010 litter) went to the vet on Friday and got his vaccinations and we gave Dr. Lee copies of the records you gave us when we picked him up.  He's all well and was the sweetheart of the day with Vet's office.  We also started him on Frontline yesterday, planning ahead for when he gets around other dogs and
also just in case for a trip up to the hunt camp next weekend.  He's doing really well and settling in just fine.  I've attached a couple of photos thinking you might want to see how he's coming along. Thanks - Jim and Dianne, Orlando Florida 


I have been taking Greta (2010 NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Greta) with me to Kirby Mountain for training. She is about 4 months old now and we put her on the "chain gang" with the other dogs while we work everyone. She sits and watches every thing that is going on. I have been working on her pry drive with clip wing birds and she is having a ball. She is really going through a growing spirit. We also have been working on the come command. Last week end we had our Club Day. They had 3 pups entered, so I put her in, I never laughed so hard when she broke away, Her brace mate was a 8 mouth old and she went hard to the front, leaving the other dog in her dust. She hunted off the path and a few times she really wanted to point.  She is a keeper!

Mike Blondin

Thanks Jim and Drew for a great Brittany. Reno has been a great Chukar dog for just 7 months old.  He has great pointing instincts and natural ability for such a young dog.  He is also a great family dog.  Reno is out of your litter NFC/2xNAFC/FC/AFC Just Call Me Roy and Drews Favorite Ginger Snap.

Thanks again!
Damon Tweedy


So sorry I’ve not been in touch to update you on our little man Carter from the 2011 NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Judi breeding, but it’s been a little busier at our house the last few weeks!  I’ve attached a couple of photos so you can see how he’s growing.  We call him Carter and our vet asked how we named him…we told him after you guys and he laughed when I said – just think someone may name their dog ‘Barker’ after you Dr. Barker!  We are really enjoying him.  He makes us laugh all the time. Carter is doing well.  He’s going to be such a good dog.  He has never had an accident in his kennel, he runs to get in his kennel and after the second night with us, never makes a sound at bed time.  He knows his bathroom spot and makes it every time.  He knows his name, is pretty good with here and sit…he loves to eat blooms that fall off the roses.  He snuck a pecan in the house in his mouth the other night but Winchester did that with a frog when he was a puppy so I can live with that!  We’ve yet to see him walk – he trots or runs everywhere.  He is so cute – don’t you think! Hope ya’ll are doing well and we’ll stay in touch – thank you again for entrusting your pup to us.  We really do love him.

Kim and Larry Blankenship
North Carolina

"June Carter"

Hey Jim and Drew!  Just wanted to give you an update on the female we aquired from the 2011 breeding of NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn and Smoke's Lightning Feather (Greta).  We named her June Carter which we thought was a great name for her.  She is bold and energetic and everything we could have hoped for.  We look forward to her future as a guide dog here at Kolomoki Plantation.

Many Thanks!
Kolomoki Plantation
Columbus, GA


Hello Again Jim and Drew!  I thought that you might want to also see how Cash was doing.  We were so pleased with "June Carter" out of the NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Smoke's Lightning Feather (Greta) litter that we thought she needed another buddy of equal quality to join her here at Kolomoki Plantation.  "Cash" is out of the 2011 FC/AFC Shady's Be Sumbuddy x Nancy Drew litter.  We have never had a liver/white Brittany here at Kolomoki so we hope that he will add a splash of color and class to our guide dog line up.  Thanks again for a great dog.  We have only the highest expectations of them both.

Kolomoki Planation
Columbus, GA


Hey Guys!  Just wanted to send you a few pictures of our "Kirby" who is out of the 2011 NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Smoke's Lightning Feather (Greta) litter. He is doing great and we are so happy with him.  We can't wait to start competing with him in field trials when he comes of age! 

The Byrne Family


Jim and Drew, Summer has arrived in San Diego.  It is hot and our "Pete" from the 2011 NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Smoke's Lightning Feather (Greta) litter,  really loves the water.  He plays in the hose while Joe is watering the vegetables and roses.  We have a small pastic kid’s pool which Joe fills up with water for him in the backyard.  He loves to jump in the pool and play in the water. If he could get into the Jacuzzi with us, I believe he would jump right in.  None of the other brittanies have any interest  in the water.    We are sending you a few  pictures of Pete  we took yesterday so you can see how much he has grown. He is doing great.  In a few of the pictures, you can see that he  has discovered flies!   Best wishes to you and your family. 

Debbie and Joe Artes


Hi Jim and Drew! I am hoping to get some better pics of our newest pup, Lizy (from the 2011 NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Smoke's Lightning Feather (Greta) litter)  when we are up visiting her trainer, Ben Lorenson of Stone Ridge Birddogs next week in Maine. I had her up with another friend, John Hayes, today and was working her on a clipped wing bird and I think her pray drive is really kicking in. She ended up REALLY pointing and holding (although she was at the end of her check cord) she looked like a million bucks. I can not believe how attentive this little girl is. I can say she REALLY has a HEAD of her own and I only expect the best to come from her in future trial competitions - so you better watch out - there's a new girl in town!!! Hope you guys are getting some much needed rain down home.

Mike Blondin


Hi Dr Carter and Drew! Just wanted to catch up with you briefly. As you remember, my familly and I purchased a brittany puppy from the 2010 of NFC/2xNAFC/FC/AFC Just Call Me Roy and Ginger litter. We named him Tut and we wanted you to know that he is a wonderful pet. We purchased a boykin spaniel (Truman) the day we got Tut and they are best buddies. My wife and Tut go for runs every day (3 miles summer but up to 10 when cooler). Just wanted you and Drew to know that we love our Tut, he has a wonderful home, great with kids, and gets plenty of exercise.Thanks again!

Dr. Thomas Neal Family


Hi Jim and Drew, We just wanted you to know how Stieg is doing. He is such a joy. We have a bird feeder in the backyard that attracts doves. Every time Stieg goes outside, he starts creeping until he sees the feeder. If there are doves there, he points and slowly creeps up on them. If there aren't any, he takes off and runs laps and explores his domain. Here's the latest picture of him. Everywhere we take him, people comment on how beautiful he is. We've even had cars pull up and roll down their windows to comment on him.

Thanks again for giving us this blessing.
Mike & Cindy Smith, Georgia

"Scarborough's Pistol Pete"

Jim and Drew, just wanted to give you an update on this great dog I have!  Scarborough's Pistol Pete is out of the 2011 litter from NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Greta.  He is currently 6 months old and flash-pointed the first four planted birds.  He locked down tight on the next two which I killed for him.  Man, does this boy love to run and hunt and a great retriever to boot!  Never had a dog like this one and glad I found you guys.  What an amazing 6 month old puppy.  If he is this good at this young age, I can imagine what he is going to be like when he is older.  Just amazing.  Oh, and he likes to sleep in my bed too!

Joe Scarborough

Hi Drew and Jim, Mollie is beautiful and very well mannered pet!  She has a lot of energy for the hunt and we are working on getting her professionally trained. Great dog!
Betsy Foppe,

Roxy is a great all around dog (2011 NDGC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Judi). She is full of energy and loves to run and play yet she is happy to follow you from room to room and lay next to you calmly. She is an enthusiastic hunter and has a great nose for birds.  She has been easy to train and even placed in her  VERY first Field Trial Open Puppy competition. As long as she is with you she is happy and content. Thank you for your responsible breeding of high quality Brittany's.  We are so happy with Roxy!
Gary and Kay Fike
Santa Maria, California


Dear Dr. Carter and Drew,  Just wanted to give you an update on our Puddin as he is turning into a very good little grouse hunter. This is his first real year of hunting as he was too young to really get the hang of it last year. Working with him has developed a dog that we are very happy with. 1. He points and holds well - and grouse generally do not hold well due to the sparse cover and their tendency to flush. 2. He has a GREAT nose 3. He retrieves very well 4. He hunts and adapts his range to the cover conditions as I have trained him to do. 5. He has learned to follow my hand directions to hunt left or right. If I can be a reference or if there is anything else we can do, let me know.
Jim & Sharon Gray, North Carolina 

To the Carters: I know that you probably get a lot of confirmation about how well your pups do for your clients and I want to add us to that satisfied list. "Rusty" was born January 20, 2011. He is a NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC PeterGunn and Judi offspring. They say that pictures speak louder than words so I am attaching a picture of him pointing quail on his third official bird hunt.  He is doing really well and I just wanted you to know how happy we are with this lil orange and white dog.
Thanks for the fine dog,
Gary and Linda Conley

"Morningside Lady Carrigan"

Here is Morningside Lady Carrigan from the 2009 litter of NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn (Pete) x Gambler's Blazin Chick (Judi) whom we are very proud of and expect great things to come.

Gary Guz

Hi Drew and Jim,
What a fun and exciting addition to the family.  Carter (Peter Gunn and Judi, 01/20/2011 litter) has become a great little bird dog and a wonderful lap dog too!  As you can see from the pictures, he loves to go 'birding', he's bold in the field and you have to make him take water breaks - he just wants to keep going.  He is so fun to work with and to watch in action.  But once he's home, he still likes to snuggle up and rest beside you.  He really is a wonderful combination of what we were looking for and hoping for in a dog.  From Judi's pictures, we see a real similarity in Carter - the slight head tilt when he's really listening to what you're saying!  Makes us grin every time.  He is such a good dog - we still look at the current litters and talk about when we will add to the family again - needless to say - when that time comes, you'll be the first to know!
Kim and Larry Blankenship

Dear Carters, Just wanted to send a Thank you and an update on our puppy  Peter Gunn's Lucy Lu who we call "Lucy" out of the NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x KC litter.  She is getting into everything…loves to be outside chewing on grass or sticks.  We are crate training her and she has done quite well.  She started sleeping through the night on the third night and potty training is going well. Dan is going quail hunting this Wednesday and wishes she was ready to hunt!  Thank you for all your hospitality and allowing us to hang around the dogs and watch Peter Gunn hunt on his home grounds.  We will keep you updated with pictures as she grows.  Hope to see you soon.

The Field Family
Dan, Deena, Erin & Dan IV

Jim and Drew, here are a few pictures of NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn and Greta's daughter, "Babe". Not only is this a beautiful dog, but she is a pleasure to own! I have had countless complements on her from being socially acceptable to her hunting savvy and woodsmanship. She loves the water and is as comfortable in a boat as she is in the woods.

 She is absolutely fearless and lives to please me. I am quite demanding of her, but also fair. She never ceases to amaze me with her uncanny smarts. She is one of the best pets I have ever had and yet you can take her to the woods and it is as if you hit a switch and she turns in to super dog and goes into hunting mode. When we get home she curls up at my feet until the next outing.                            
Thanks, Mike G.

Drew and Jim, I just got home with the pup out of NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Lila.  He started chasing Lokey, my golden retriever, all over the house. Anyway, I finished registration for AKC and the chip. His name is officially Blaze LeDuc. He is a very smart dog. I can already tell. I am certain to have many years of friendship with him.  I will take regular photos so you can see his progress.  Thanks! Milan LeDuc, Florida. 

Drew & Jim, We received the puppy  from the airport today from the NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Lila litter and he just came out of the box wagging his tail like he has been waiting to meet us all the time.  It is hard purchasing a puppy based on photos but you were right, he is the perfect fit for us and absolutely beautiful - so much more than the photos would tell.   The puppy is doing very well and we are so happy with him. He is completely potty trained after 2 days of being with us! We just can't get enough of him. He loves the Family especially my 4 year old Emmie who say's " he is her baby"..He is such a well adjusted little puppy. He is the perfect fit for our family just like you promised.  The puppy is very bright spot in our lives' we are so happy to have and will cherish every moment with him.

Aimee Young and Family,

Carter's, "Lucy" out of the NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x KC litter is doing great.  She slept on the plane in her travel bag and only whimpered in the airports a little.  She is adjusting fine.

Smith Family , TX

Dear Jim and Drew, Just wanted to write and give you an update on Boo (NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Judi 2012)! He is doing great! He is full of energy, into everything, and growing like crazy! He's already gained 2 lb. since he came home. We got his papers in the mail last week and officially named him "High Plains Run n Gunn Boo"- partially from the speedy sports technique ( speedy certainly describes Boo!) and partially from Sam's registered name "High Plains Drifter Savage Sam". :) We are head over heels for the little guy and couldn't be happier! Here are some pictures! About to have to go give the little guy a bath after he and Sam have gone tearing around a muddy yard ;P

Hope all is well with you and yours!
Scott, Ally, Sam and Boo

"Rudy" (NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Judi) is doing well and has made an easy adjustment to my home.  I am always impressed when I visit your home/kennel.  It is obvious that a lot of thought has gone into the pedigrees of your Brittanys and a lot of time taking care of the dogs and the place in general.  Rudy is everything you said he would be and I will recommend your Brittany's to anyone looking for a gun dog.  Thank you for a beautiful pup.  I look forward to seeing you all at the field trials!
Mike Callahan


Dr. Jim and Drew: I could not be more happy with my sweet girl (Jemma) from the 2012 NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn X Judi litter. She has been a joy to train and automatically knew to go to the door and sit to go to the bathroom as soon as I brought her home. I always have to plan extra time when we go out because so many people stop to admire her. I couldn't be happier with this girl. She is beautiful and a pleasure to be with. Thank you for placing me with this dream dog! I can't say enough about how great your breeding program is! I hope you are all doing well!

Kara Large

"Georgia Drive By"
Jim and Drew: Drive By is having a great time in Michigan and we love him.  He is more than 20 lbs now.  Last Thursday he went to his first 'confirmation class'.  He will continue on Thursdays until his confirmation career is finished.  He looks quite nice right now. Our instructor was quite taken with his gait at trot.  Sunday he was back at the club learning to be a hunting dog.  We have been doing yard work such as 'come' and 'fetch' and Drive By gets to help Burt plant birds for the older dog 8 Mile.    Drive By had his second bird Sunday.  Burt was very happy with his work.  He had a chuckar. It turned out to be with too few primary feathers removed.  Drive By found the bird, the bird flushed and flew over 150 yards to the edge of the woods.  Burt was so pleased that Drive By dashed out after the bird and found it by scent,  chased it around under some trees and picked it up.  Drive By was wonderfully proud and carried it all the way back without a second thought.  The bird was exhausted and bedraggled, but quite healthy when Drive By finally released it.  It is wonderful that he displays a natural retrieving ability and has a soft mouth on the bird - very important for hunters! 
McCandless Family


Jim and Drew - we just wanted to give you an update on our precious Annabelle from the 2012 NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Judi litter.  She is the most amazing animal we have ever owned.  She is great with our children and showing great potential in the field.  She is simply extraordinary and we adore her.

Many Thanks
Wolf Family

Jim and Drew: We just wanted to let you know the pup from the NGDC/FC/AFC Hit's For Pete's Sake x Molly Gunn arrived at the airport in fine shape and acts like she has lived with us her entire life!  Here are a couple of pics...  I'm crazy with my camera and take tons of pics! We are more than pleased with her and expect great things to come of her at the trials!

Sinclair Family
New Brunswick, Canada


Drew and Jim - I hope all is well with you and your family.  Chase, our male puppy from the 2012 NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x KC litter is doing great!  He is housebroken and being trained easily with other commands also.  He has been a joy to raise and we love him so much.  Thank you for giving us a magnificent dog!

Many Thanks
Curley Family


Hey Dr. Carter and Drew, our Max from the 2012 NGDC/NAGDC/FC/AFC Peter Gunn x Lila litter is doing just fine.  He is such a character.  We love him so much and he is absolutely beautiful.

Lively Family

Hello Carter's!

So much time has passed without any word on the beautiful puppy we purchased from you out of the 2012 NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn x Greta breeding. I'm sorry, I've been remiss in writing. I've attached a couple photos, a little old I'm afraid, (newer one's are on my husband's computer) but as you can see - she proved quickly to be a great bird dog and we could not be more pleased. She is a smart, inquisitive puppy who loves to chew on shoes if they are left in her high reach, and even cuddle with you - but her real love is finding birds! Thank you for the pleasure of having such a beautiful dog.

Chasmar Family

Hi Drew, It is miserably hot here this week. Here is a picture taken by
one of my herding clients a couple weeks ago of "Cap Gunn" out of the 2013 NGDC NAGDC
FC AFC Peter Gunn x Bandit litter. Cap likes watching us do our real job of herding
in the arena and this is a nice head shot of him taken by one of our clients. He has
a great doganality and is obviously very handsome in is in the works of making a
super nice hunting dog. Cap gets along with all the dogs so well and is a really fast
learner! He fits right in.
The Costa Family

Jim and Drew

Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know how much we are enjoying Annie Oakley that we purchased from the 2013 NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn x Bandit breeding.  She is doing excellent on her bird work even at this early age.  She loves to retrieve and find birds.  We hope to participate with her in puppy stakes at field trials this fall.

Lee Family

Hello Dr. and Mrs. Carter!  The puppy you sent from the 2012 NAGDC DC AFC GCH Triumphant's To Hot To Handle x Ginger litter is doing wonderful and I have attached some photos of the latest weeks of development and cuteness.  He's very happy and just crazy about all the "birds" we find on the way.  He totally changes to "hunting machine mode" and it is unbelievable and awesome at the same time.  He is super smart, obedient, sweet and playful and he made our lives better I can assure you. Everyone over here is totally in love with him and the breed.  Next month we'll start agility training and begin with the shows!

Srdic Family
Brazil, South America

Hey Drew!  Here is a picture of my "Emma" from the NAGDC DC AFC GCH Triumphant's To Hot To Handle x Ginger litter thatI have been meaning to send you.  She is a spunky girl who keeps us on our toes and we just love her to pieces!

The Merks Family
South Carolina

Jim and Drew, I trust this note finds you well.  We thought it was about time to give an update on our Copper and Penny from the NGDC NAGDC FC AFC Peter Gunn x Rosie litter back in 2009.  Copper is a rock star both in the field and around the house.  His motto "if it flies, it dies," has come to include bumblebees, butterflies, and any squirrel silly enough to invade his domain.  His smile is infectious and genuine, and his eagerness to please knows no bounds.  Penny is so bright and energetic, we're just waiting for her to start learning Shakespeare any moment.  She communicates so clearly through a series of looks, sounds and touches.  God forbid if you don't fill up her bowl when she's hungry!  They love to snuggle first thing in the morning, but as soon as the door opens they bolt out of the house greeting another glorious day in the backyard.  They remind us every day to live our life with passion and joy.  Thank you so much for the wonderful pups.

Huskey Family

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